Passion for wood and respect for nature


Passion for wood and respect for nature

Passion for wood and respect for nature

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13-juniper leaf

Ash wood furniture boasts, light brown coloration with clean, straight grains that effortlessly complement diverse interior design styles. With these outstanding features, ash wood furniture is the perfect blend of elegance and resilience, delivering unmatched satisfaction to customers.


Oak wood has a medium brown hue and straight grain, making it a strong and dense hardwood. Given its inherent strength and durability, it is the ideal choice for furniture and cabinetry, offering uncompromising quality and longevity to our valued customers.
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We speak:
French, English, Polish and Dutch.


3-beech leaf
The preferred wood for Scandinavian style furniture, its natural light color blends with any decor and adds warmth to a room. This light, slightly pink wood is used to make the structures of beds and seats and other furniture. Beech is often covered with paint or oil to protect it.